Where Can You Find Pictures of Koi Diseases?


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Pictures of diseases among koi are available for viewing on KoiCrisis.com and Koi Pond Guide, as of 2015. Both websites are dedicated to koi and koi health and feature full-color photos of various diseases and parasites that are seen in koi fish.

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Where Can You Find Pictures of Koi Diseases?
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Some of the photos of koi disorders and diseases pictured on KoiCrisis.com include body sores and ulcers, patches and raised scales, red blotches and worms beneath the skin. Active greenish round bugs on the skin, tiny white pinheads on the skin and white slime patches are also featured in the pictures. Additional photos include white waxy globules affecting the skin and fins, scales receding and falling off and a rough body with no slime, which is indicative of sandpaper disease among koi.

Detailed instructions on treating the koi’s environment to fight disease are provided on KoiCrisis.com. Instructions on water balance and testing for pH and nitrogen are discussed, along with salting instructions to reduce stress in the water. Treatment options are detailed, along with antibiotic injection treatments and the administration of medicated koi food to treat or prevent infection.

Koi Pond Guide features photographs of parasites and diseases seen in koi, including gill maggots, anchor worms and carp pox. Photos depicting the trichodina, ich and KHV diseases are also provided.

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