Where Can You Find Pictures of Cats With Worms?


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Photos of gastrointestinal parasites can be found in academic veterinary textbooks or through reputable education websites. After doing your own research, findings should be confirmed with a veterinary professional to seek appropriate treatment.

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Many of these worms are very similar in appearance and may require several references and a trained eye to determine the type of parasite found. Roundworms are commonly found in puppies and kittens and lead to a pot-belly appearance and long, spaghetti-like worms in the stool. Whipworms are also long and white but can be identified by a thickened, rounded "clublike" end. Hookworms are very small and will not be readily seen in fecal matter. Tapeworms, which typically look like grains of rice, may appear to be long and flat. If you discover these or any other parasite you should seek treatment immediately to avoid illness.

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