Where Can You Find Pictures of Animals Hibernating?


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There are many different online sites with photos of animals hibernating including weather sites, such as The Weather Channel website and animal organization sites like the Conservation Institute. To find photos of animals hibernating, people can also look to news sites or stop by a library to look at animal books.

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Where Can You Find Pictures of Animals Hibernating?
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Animals hibernate because it is the best way for them to survive during long periods of cold weather such as during a snowy winter. During the winter, not only does the temperature drop but the food sources dry up and the prey disappear making it difficult for animals to find enough to eat. Animals will eat as much as they can and gain extra weight for several monthsbefore hibernation. When they are ready to hibernate, the animals will find a nice place to sleep. During hibernation, the animals will drop their heart rates so that the lower temperatures do not affectthem.

There are many different animals that hibernate including wood frogs, deer mice, squirrels, prairie dogs, skunks, hedgehogs, bears and bats. The hedgehog can lowerits heart rate to nearly 90 percent of its usual rate. The bear does not always hibernate and will only hibernate if it lives in a cold area. The bat is perhaps the animal that can lower its heart rate the most with an ability to lower its heart rate to 25 beats per minute. In fact, many people that find bats during hibernation believe that they are dead because they are such deep sleepers during hibernation.

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