How Can You Find a Picture of a Brown Recluse Spider?

To find a photo of a brown recluse spider, simply type "brown recluse spider" into an Internet search engine. Many search engines will have an easily visible link titled "images" where many photos brown recluse spiders will appear.

  1. Locate your address bar

    In your browser, the address bar is the long white bar, typically at the top of the page, where you can type in website addresses.

  2. Access a search engine

    Depending on which web browser you are using, or what add-ons may be installed, the address bar could be used as a default search engine. However, if you have a preference, type the website address into the bar and hit Enter.

  3. Search for "brown recluse spider"

    When the chosen search engine page has loaded, type "brown recluse spider" in the box provided and click Search or hit Enter.

  4. Find your image

    If the search result does not show images right away, look for a tab, typically titled "Images", to increase the number of image results you see of the brown recluse spider.