How Can a Person Build a Bearded Dragon Cage?

How Can a Person Build a Bearded Dragon Cage?

For both human and reptile safety, it is best to not make a bearded dragon cage from scratch. Instead, purchase a pre-made one and make the habitat.

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded reptiles. They need the proper habitat in order to survive.

  1. Pick out a suitable cage

    The cage should be large enough for the bearded dragon to move freely. The more space the better. Also, a glass or plastic cage is best. These materials hold in heat.

  2. Choose a floor covering

    The floor can be covered with newspaper, paper towels or sand. Newspaper is the cheapest option and can be replaced easily.

  3. Light the cage

    Bearded dragons need UV light in order to survive. Place the lamp a foot away from where the bearded dragon stays. Make sure there are no obstructions keeping the light rays from reaching the animal.

  4. Warm the cage

    Cold-blooded reptiles depend on outside sources to heat them up. A heat lamp or heated rocks are needed to make sure they stay warm.

  5. Add the accessories

    Keep a bowl of clean water in the cage at all times. Places to hide and things to climb on, such as branches (purchased from a local pet supply store), are also needed in the cage.