How Can People Protect Polar Bears?


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Activities suggested to help protect polar bears include fundraisers, riding a bike instead of driving a car and turning down the thermostat. Making a donation to an organization that protects polar bears, such as the World Wildlife Fund, is an option as well.

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By helping to decrease emissions and avoid further climate change polar bears can be saved and protected. People can lower emissions by not idling in drive through lines or in stopped traffic. Non-profit group Polar Bears International provides action project tool kits so that anyone can get a classroom or community involved with these goals. This organization holds a Power Down Challenge, which comes with pledge cards, decals and stickers, games and an overall guide for the project. Polar Bears International also accepts donations. Other fundraising ideas, such as a recycling project or walk-a-thon, are recommended.

The World Wildlife Fund website is open for donations toward protecting polar bears. With a donation, users receive an adoption kit to represent the adoption of a polar bear, though donors can opt out of receiving this package. The Fund also gives users the option to donate monthly or annually with reoccurring payments of either $9, $12 or $15, as of 2015.

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