How Can People With Disabilities Get a Service Dog?


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People with disabilities can train a service dog themselves or contact an organization that trains service dogs and provides them to people in need, according to TherapyDogInfo.net. Costs such as application fees, travel for required training and a fee for the dog itself may be associated with getting animals from agencies, as noted by Shore Service Dogs, Inc.

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Many agencies provide service dogs to people, according to Shore Service Dogs, Inc. Some national agencies may be better equipped to provide dogs at low cost, but they may have longer waiting lists. Local agencies often have shorter waiting lists but may need the person receiving the dog to subsidize more of the training costs. Agencies may focus on different types of disabilities as well.

People who want to train their own dogs should start by consulting with their medical team to make sure a service dog is a good choice, as recommended by Psychiatric Service Dog Partners. People with disabilities can train their pet dogs if the dogs have suitable temperaments, or they can choose service dogs from reputable breeders or animal shelters. Basic obedience and manners are as important as service tasks, because service dogs that act in a disruptive manner can be asked to leave businesses and other public spaces. Although working with a professional trainer is not required, it can make the process easier.

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