How Can You Get Pedigree Papers for Your Dog?

To get official pedigree papers for your dog, work through the American Kennel Club to be certain the papers are legal and accurate. Contact the AKC through their official website. If your dog is not registered, but eligible to be registered, that process needs to be completed first.

  1. Find the dog's AKC paperwork and number

    If you purchased the dog from a breeder, this paperwork should have been given to you with your dog. If necessary, register your dog with the AKC. The information on how to register a dog is also available from the American Kennel Club.

  2. Choose the type of pedigree papers desired

    As of 2015, there are two types of pedigree papers. You can order a printed pedigree suitable for framing or an online research pedigree, which allows you to access any information about the dogs in the pedigree, including health information and competition titles.

  3. Request the official pedigree

    Order the printed pedigree by mail, fax, email or online. All the instructions are available on the AKC website, including addresses, phone numbers and the fees for each pedigree. Online ordering is currently the only option for the online research pedigree, so you must have an AKC account on the website in order to complete your order.