Where Can You Find Facts About Pandas Online?


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Facts for both giant pandas and red pandas are available on the websites for the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and National Geographic. Both sites include detailed information about pandas and display photos of the two different types.

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Where Can You Find Facts About Pandas Online?
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The Smithsonian National Zoological Park website provides information about pandas with sections of text pertaining to details such as their physical characteristics, habitats, diets, reproduction habits and conservation status. The National Geographic website offers a similar overview of pandas in an essay form, along with a picture slide show and a small column of fast facts.

The giant panda is a large bear with a distinctive distribution of black and white fur, while the red panda is smaller, with predominantly reddish-brown fur and white markings. Both giant pandas and red pandas fall under the classification of mammals, but giant pandas belong to the Ursidae family, while red pandas belong to the Ailuridae family.

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