How Can You Paint Your Face to Look Like a Bunny?

can-paint-face-look-like-bunny Credit: Nina Shannon/E+/Getty Images

According to Snazaroo, painting a child's face to look like a bunny requires white, black and bright pink paint. The face paint design can be accomplished in three basic steps, one for each color.

The first step in creating bunny face paint is to use a damp sponge to apply white paint to the face from the eyes down to the top of the lip, covering the nose completely. Paint triangular ear shapes on the forehead, and dab a small white patch on in the center of the lower lip.

Dab pink paint on to the cheeks outside the white paint. The ear shapes should be roughly outlined using pink paint, and a small dab should be placed on the end of the nose. Blend the pink and white paint together so there are no defined borders between the color. The last step with the pink paint is to use a brush to paint the lower lip bright pink.

The final step is to use the black paint to draw whiskers and other highlights. Draw three vertical "crease" lines between the eyebrows and three more horizontal creases at the corner of each eye. Draw a center line to connect the nose to the upper lip, adding a few dots over the upper lip. Add whiskers just under and outside the bottom of the nose. One more black line down the center of the white patch on the lower lip creates teeth. As a final finishing touch, draw a heart shape on the tip of the nose.