Where Can You Find an Online Video Showing How to Cut Dog Toenails?


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Videos on trimming a dog's nails are available online from Animal Planet, Doctors Foster and Smith, and YouTube. Additional video sources can easily be found with an Internet search. Written instructions with pictures can also be useful as they show each step close-up and explain details.

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To cut its nails, a dog is positioned on a table or a lap. Working with a second person is helpful to keep the dog still while the nails are being trimmed. One person holds the dog, while the other cuts the nails.

The clipping tool is held in the dominant hand, while the other hand holds the dog's paw. The nail is inserted between the blades, which are held at a 45 degree angle up and away from the top of the paw. The blades also need to be positioned so that they avoid cutting the quick, which is the pink area inside the nail. If the quick is cut, it bleeds, and the experience is very painful for the dog. Styptic powder needs to be applied to stop the bleeding.

Once the tool is in the proper position, the handles are squeezed to cut the nail. Instead of using a nail cutter, a Dremel tool can be used to file down the nail, which avoids the possibility of splitting nails or leaving rough edges.

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