Where Can I Go Online to Ask a Veterinarian Questions for Free?

The Internet provides various sites that allow users to ask a veterinarian questions for free, such as Just Answer, Web DVM and Vet Live. These are just a few of the locations available for obtaining expert advice regarding pet care.

Websites offering veterinarian advice use varied methods to answer questions. Certain websites - including Web DVM, Just Answer and Vet Live - offer several vets online at any given time that are in line to answer a question as soon as it is posted. Some questions require a waiting period of up to 24 hours for an e-mail response, while others provide a real-time one-on-one chat experience for visitors of the site.

Initial chat sessions are usually free of charge. Certain sites - such as Vet Live - charge for online consultations and second opinions after completed research, files and images are published.

Using the Internet to obtain information about a pet is a great way to retrieve answers quickly, but it should not be used in place of a real veterinarian check-up. If a pet is sick and medication is needed, take the pet into the vet's office for an examination. This is the most recommended way to seek immediate attention during an emergency.