Where Can One Research All the Kinds of Flightless Birds?

can-one-research-kinds-flightless-birds Credit: Andrew Peacock/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Research all the different kinds of flightless birds using websites such as About.com, CarolinaBirds.org and Wikipedia. These sites all offer information on the various species of flightless birds.

About.com offers general information on flightless birds, along with a list of major species, including penguins, ratites, waterfowl and rails. The site also offers information on flightless birds' evolution, habitats, predators and conservation.

CaronlinaBirds.org offers a comprehensive database of the world's birds, including flightless species. Users can browse through the site's alphabetical database or view different bird species by continent.

Wikipedia also offers significant information on different species of flightless birds. Users can browse the site's listings for flightless birds and click on individual birds to learn more about them.