Where Can One Find Information on Penguins?


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Information on penguins is available at the National Geographic and the Defenders of Wildlife websites. Some universities also publish research information about penguins on their websites.

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Where Can One Find Information on Penguins?
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The National Geographic website provides information about different types of penguins, such as Adelie, emperor, gentoo and rockhopper penguins. The site includes the locations of the penguins on a world map, their diet and average life span in the wild, and other facts about these flightless birds. National Geographic also provides photos and videos of penguins and other types of birds.

The Defenders of the Wildlife website features basic facts about penguins, including their diet, range, population, reproduction and behavior. Since the site is dedicated to protecting the animals in the wild, it also includes information such as the protection status of the penguins, various threats to the birds and what the organization is doing to help save the penguins.

The online research portal of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign includes information on other kinds of penguins found on Antarctica, such as the macaroni and the chinstrap penguins. Much like the National Geographic site, the UIUC provides basic information on penguins, such as average weight and height, nesting, mating and the penguins' breeding seasons.

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