Where Can One Find Exotic Birds for Sale?


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BirdsNow.com, M & D Birdworld, BirdsExpress.com and BirdsNWays.com are places that have many exotic birds available for sale, as of 2015. Some of the websites are professional pet brokers that sell their own inventory and stock, while others are classified ad style sites that link users with numerous exotic bird breeders and sellers. Fully grown adult exotic birds are available as well as babies, with most sites having options available for shipping the birds in approved carriers.

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M & D Birdworld is a dealer that sells birds from the company's store in Harbeson, Delaware, as well as online. The company sells healthy, well-socialized birds that have been raised from babies by a well-trained staff as well as cages and other accessories. All of the company's birds are vaccinated psittacine beak and feather disease, chlamydia psittaci and polyomavirus.

BirdsExpress.com is the commercial branch of the Industrial Pet & Supply company that has been an importer and wholesaler of exotic birds since 1982. The company imports thousands of exotic birds from Africa, South America, Austrailia, Asia and Europe through its USDA approved quarantine facilities in the Los Angeles, California area.

BirdsNow.com and BirdsNWays.com are classified add sites that allow breeders and sellers to list birds that are available for sale. Specific items such as the bird's location, health, vaccination history, price and shipping options are left to be decided between the buyer and seller.

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