Where Can You Find Old English Dogs for Sale?


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To find Old English Sheepdog puppies, one should look for breeders through the AKC website or identify an Old English Sheepdog rescue group, such as the Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Southern California. It is also possible to look for puppies at a local animal shelter; however, the best option is to look for breeders or sheepdog rescues where the breed is the specialty.

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Where Can You Find Old English Dogs for Sale?
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The Old English Sheepdog is a part of the "Herding Dogs" group within the American Kennel Club. The dog has an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years and is considered to be an easygoing and athletic dog. The breed is also a popular staple in television shows and movies because of the fun and family-friendly personality.

For anyone who is interested in purchasing an Old English Sheepdog puppy, it is important to know what kind of training the puppy will require. This particular breed needs to be properly socialized with both humans and dogs because they are energetic and active as both puppies and adults. When the Old English Sheepdog reaches its full size of approximately 60 to 85 pounds, unruly puppies will no longer be comical. The dogs also have thick, long coats that need to be brushed weekly and groomed frequently.

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