How Can You Obtain Free Online Advice From a Veterinarian?


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There are a number of resources for advice from a veterinarian online for free, including such websites as PetCoach.co, PetMD.com and YourOwnVet.com. Some sites even allow pet owners to fill out a web form and receive a response from a vet in seconds, 24 hours a day.

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PetCoach.co is a website that features pet health-related articles, forums and private consultations in the form of live chat with veterinary experts. The site may charge for the private consultation, but the articles and discussion board section of the site are free. The forums allow people to post inquiries, have them reviewed by veterinarians and receive responses at anytime.

PetMD.com is a totally free site that allows people to enter inquiries into a search bar and browse through hundreds of other posted questions that have been answered by a vet in order to find the specific advice they need.

Pawbly.com is another website that features both frequently asked pet-related questions answered by professionals as well as a form allowing them to ask a specific question. Pawbly.com is a self-proclaimed social networking site intended to connect pet-lovers to trusted professionals and to other pet-lovers, and its features are completely free.

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