Can Neosporin Be Used on Cats?

can-neosporin-used-cats Credit: John Wood Photography/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Neosporin can be used on cats. According to VetInfo, Neosporin is an anti-bacterial ointment that can be used on minor scratches and bites on cats. The Nest recommends using regular Neosporin for kitten wounds, as well.

While regular Neosporin is safe to use on cats and kittens, Neosporin with pain reliever is not. Topical ointments with pain reliever can cause skin irritations or other issues if applied to cats. Cats should not ingest Neosporin. After applying the ointment to the wounded area, it is important to place a bandage over the wound or wipe off any excess ointment. This prevents the cat from licking the wound and accidentally ingesting the ointment.