Where Can You Find Mini Pygmy Goats Available for Sale?

can-mini-pygmy-goats-available-sale Credit: Peter Markham/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Miniature pygmy goats are for sale online at MiniGoats.com, MiniLivestock.com and Buck-n-EarsRanch.com. MiniGoats.com has a waiting list for potential buyers who are notified when kidding season begins. Their goats are sold as pets and for show or breeding stock only.

The cost of a pygmy goat does not include health certificates, tests or veterinary exams. A $250 non-refundable deposit is required.

MiniLivestock.com features Paradise Valley Farm that specializes in rare, unusual and flashy farm animals. Socialization of animals is emphasized, as is grooming, hoof care, diet and de-worming. Many of their miniature pygmy goats have blue eyes, are multicolored and bottle-fed.

At Buck-n-EarsRanch.com, buyers can find photos of their pygmy goat herds, information on care, links to helpful sites and a variety of goats for sale. The company is a registered breeder with the Nigerian Goat Association, the American Goat Society and the Pygmy Goat Association.