Where Can You Find Mi-Ki Rescue Dogs?


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To locate available Mi-Ki rescue dogs, begin by searching online for local or regional rescue operations through resources like RightPet.com, PetFinder.com and PuppyFind.com. You may need to expand your search area radius in order to find an available puppy.

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Mi-Ki dogs are a rare, fairly new breed developed in the 1980s, so you may need to consider adoption options from another state, as they may not be readily available in your area. Consider creating an alert using one of the adoption websites, so that you are aware of any Mi-Ki puppies that become available after your initial search. It is important to keep in mind that rescue organizations in different states may also have different requirements for new owners to adopt their dogs. Be sure to investigate these rules and regulations before beginning the adoption process. Agencies often ask to evaluate your home and lifestyle, and request information about any other pets you own before placing you with a Mi-Ki dog. Some rescue organizations allow you to visit the dog before adoption to make sure its personality is a good fit with your family members and other pets. In general, Mi-Ki dogs are intelligent and calm, and co-habitate well with both children and older adults. Once you have secured a Mi-Ki to adopt, make sure you have the essentials, such as a leash and travel crate, to transport the dog from its foster home or kennel to your home, planning in advance for any required travel with your new pet.

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