How Can You Find Mastiff Rescue Dogs in Ohio?


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Rescue Me offers links to Mastiff adoptions in Ohio through its website. Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue is another organization that facilitates adoption of rescue Mastiffs in states near the Great Lakes, including Ohio.

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Although there is a fee for pet adoption, both Rescue Me and the Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue are 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organizations. The Canisolida Mastiffs Foster and Retirement Home is another organization that offers Mastiff adoption in Ohio. AdoptAPet.com offers information about this company. All of these rescues encourage prospective Mastiff owners to adopt their new pet rather than purchasing from a breeder. Both purebred and mixed-breed Mastiffs are available for adoption.

Sometimes called the Old English Mastiff, these dogs grow to be very large, weighing from 150 to over 200 pounds. They are sometimes surrendered for adoption because of their massive size. They can be expensive to own, requiring more food than smaller dogs. They are also prone to health problems such as canine hip dysplasia.

In spite of their negative traits, including the tendency to snore and slobber, the Mastiff is often described as gentle, intelligent and protective. Although adult Mastiffs bark infrequently, they are excellent guard dogs due to their extreme devotion to their owners. Many consider them to be good family dogs that are dangerous to small children only because of their large size.

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