Where Can You Find the Market Price of Birds for Sale?


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ParrotSafari.com and Petsmart's website have retail market prices of birds for sale. ParrotSafari.com shows a price range for each breed depending on individual qualities, while Petsmart lists one set price for each breed, regardless of characteristics.

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Birds' colors and sizes influence market prices. Birds with rare color mutations cost more than those with common colors. ParrotSafari.com lists prices ranging from $39.95 for a hand-tamed American Budgee to $18,995 for a Black Palm Cockatoo, as of October 2015. Petsmart's prices range from $14.95 for a Zebra Finch to $349 for a Green Cheek Conure to $599 for a Fancy Conure. The store sells several varieties of parakeets and finches for $19.99 and canaries for $149.99.

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