Where Can You Find a Maltese and Schnauzer Mix?


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Maltese and miniature schnauzer mixed-breed dogs, or "mauzer" hybrids, feature several online breeder locators, including PuppyFind "Featured Listings" and the Dog Breed Info Center's "Puppies for Sale" directory. Online classified advertisements for local media outlets may also contain ads for mauzers. The breed is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry and International Designer Canine Registry.

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Mauzers are 8 to 14 inches tall and weigh between 7 and 20 pounds. Colors vary between black, white, gray, golden, cream, and salt and pepper. Coats can be short and wiry, like a miniature schnauzer's, or straight and silky, similar to a Maltese.

Mauzers are small hybrids that make good indoor pets, according to PetYourDog.com. These dogs are classified as a toy and terrier breed that are friendly, alert and docile pets. Mauzers fit in small apartments, as long as their high-energy needs are met with regular exercise.

Because of their relatively thin coats, mauzers should be protected from hot and cold weather extremes. Hair around the ears and eyes needs to be trimmed regularly so the dogs can see and hear properly. Timely brushing prevents matted fur due to wetness. Owners may let their mauzer's hair grow down the sides unless they prefer a "puppy" style cut with shorter hair.

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