How Can You Make a Solution to Clean Your Dog's Ears?


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To make a solution to clean your dog’s ears, add a small dash of distilled white vinegar to a cooled, refrigerator-chilled strong chamomile tea in a spray bottle, suggests petMD. PetCareRx also recommends a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar. The exact way to make a solution to clean your dog’s ears depends on the type of ailment you need to remedy.

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Using a combination of chamomile and white distilled vinegar can help alleviate sore and sensitive ears from recurrent allergies, according to petMD. This concoction also provides a low-cost alternative that demonstrates nearly the same qualities as other ear-cleaning solutions such as chlorhexidine rinses. However, consult with your dog’s veterinarian for ear-cleaning solution recommendations since using the wrong solution only reduces the effectiveness of the treatment for alleviating your dog’s ear issues.

PetCareRx advises avoiding pet ear solutions with alcohol. Use natural cotton pads or a cotton ball to clear away debris when cleaning your dog’s ear since synthetic cotton pads may cause irritation. Use the dampened pad to wipe around the ear in areas where you can see the twisting or curling shape of the ear until the pad is clean. Clean your dog’s ear as much as once a week.

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