How Can You Make a Smelly Dog Smell Better?


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Simple grooming methods, such as regular bathing, brushing and cleaning the teeth, can be used to successfully combat dog odor. While attempting to eliminate dog odor, it is important to remember that all dogs have their own natural odor.

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  1. Bathe the dog

    Bathe the dog once a month and more often only if needed. If you bathe the dog more than once a month, it may cause dry, itchy skin. Use a basic dog shampoo that is specifically made for a dog. After the bath, dry the dog thoroughly to prevent wet hair from gathering dirt.

  2. Clean the ears

    Clean the ears at least once a month with a dog ear cleanser or hydrogen peroxide. Soak a clean cotton ball in the solution, and gently clean the inside of the dog’s ears.

  3. Brush the fur

    Brush the dog several times a week. This helps remove dirt and excess hair that may carry dirt. After brushing, rub unscented baby powder on the fur. This helps counteract the odor.

  4. Brush the teeth

    Brush the dog’s teeth daily with dog-friendly toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste to a toothbrush, and brush all the teeth in a circular motion. Offering chew toys in between brushing can also help keep your dog's breath fresh.

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