How Can You Make a Humming Bird Feeder?


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Cut a hole in the side of an empty plastic bottle approximately 1 inch from the lid, and place a plastic straw in the hole. Make a feeding solution of 1/2 cup of sugar dissolved in 1 cup of hot water plus 1 cup of cold water, and fill the feeder with the mixture. Adjust the straw so it fills with the feeding solution, glue the straw into place, and wrap a wire around the bottle lid to hang it.

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It is often necessary to cut the straw so it extends several inches out of the bottle. Alternately, use a nail to make a hole in the top of an empty baby food jar, and fill the jar with the feeding solution. Wrap a wire or string around the lid to hang the jar.

Another option is to poke holes along the rim of a brightly colored Frisbee. Use wire to hang the disc, or set it on a table or other flat surface in the desired area, and fill the upside-down Frisbee with feeding solution.

To attract hummingbirds to the feeder, decorate the lid or bottle with red tape or other bright colors, and hang the feeder in a shady location. Remove the feeder weekly to clean it and replace the feeding solution.

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