How Can You Make Easy Homemade Cat Treats?


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Homemade cat treats are easily made by combining and solidifying accessible ingredients. By mixing a protein, such as chicken or tuna, with flour and oil to form a dough, cat treats are made in a similar fashion to cookies.

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How Can You Make Easy Homemade Cat Treats?
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For an easy homemade cat treat recipe, combine cooked chicken, chicken broth and vegetable oil or margarine, then add flour and corn meal. Use amounts of each ingredient that results is a moldable dough, like cookie dough, that can be baked and broken or cut into treat-sized pieces. Variations involve using fish, such as canned tuna or salmon, instead of shredded chicken. Fillers such as rice or vegetables can also be added, and a variety of flour types can alter the texture and flavor of the treats.

Some recipes do not need to be baked, but it is important to fully cook any treat recipe that involves raw egg. Individual cast enjoy different recipes, and you should be wary of drastically changing your cat's diet without consulting a veterinarian. While some homemade cat recipes can be healthy and good for your cat, recipes from unknown Internet sites are often written by pet owners, not vets, and should be treated with caution.

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