How Can You Make a Bird Cage at Home?

Make a bird cage by bending or fixing pieces of mesh wire together and making a door, or fix mesh wire on a wooden frame to make the panels, and then put the panels together. Plan the size of the cage to accommodate food and water dishes, perches, and toys, while still providing your bird with ample space to roam about. Make your bird's safety a priority.

Make two bottoms for the cage, with the top one made of wire so that the bird's droppings fall through it on the second bottom. This ensures that your bird does not come in contact with its droppings, nor do the droppings spoil its food.

If the cage is to be kept outside, make arrangements for shade in the summer and for providing heat in the winter. Make an outer barrier of strong wire, at least 14 gauge 1-inch by 1-inch grid wire, to protect your bird from predators.

Zinc and lead are highly toxic to birds, so avoid galvanized wires, and use pure stainless steel wire or powder-coated wire instead. No other alternative is safe for birds. Only use untreated wood when building a birdcage, as pesticides may affect or harm your bird.