How Can You Make a Bat Box?


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To make a bat house of moderate difficulty, anticipate working for a 3 to 4 hour time frame and spending approximately 60 dollars. When finished, the interior should not be painted, and the exterior should be painted to ensure an appropriate temperature for the bats; a dark color should be used in cooler climates and a light color in warmer climates.

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To make a bat house, cut two pieces of plywood: one that is 2 feet wide and 26 inches long and another that is 2 feet wide and 22 inches long. Lay out a bat shape on the shorter piece of plywood, ensuring that the bat is 24 inches wide. Drill holes just inside the points of the bat shape using a drill with a 1/4 inch bit. Work carefully to cut out the bat design using a jigsaw fitted with a narrow scroll blade.

To create a suitable crawl space for the bats, cut three pieces of lumber for the edges of the bat house: one 24-inch segment and two 19-inch segments. Line the face of the 1-by-2-foot piece of lumber with beads of caulking, and set this along the top edge of the larger piece of plywood. Every six inches, drive 1-inch deck screws through the lumber and into the plywood. Repeat the process with the two shorter pieces to the sides. Paint the house outside once it's assembled.

Attach deer netting to the inner edge of the top 1-by-2-foot piece of lumber and along the sides. Wrap the netting around the bottom edge to the back, and staple it to the house. Assemble the house by placing the roof on top, and drill the screws into place to adhere the pieces together.

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