Where Can You Find Local Yorkie Rescue Groups?


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Find a local yorkie rescue group on the The American Kennel Club's website. The AKC maintains a list of breed rescue groups located all over the United States. The Presidential Pet Museum maintains a similar list on its website.

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Yorkshire terriers are small, long-haired dogs that energetic, inquisitive and quick learners. They are sometimes difficult to housebreak, prone to excessive barking and require frequent grooming to maintain a clean, healthy coat. Yorkies are long-lived dogs, with a lifespan of 13 to 16 years.

Find a local yorkie rescue group using the directory located on the American Kennel Club's or Presidential Pet Museum's websites. If a local rescue isn't listed, national or regional rescue groups are a good alternative. National and regional rescue groups often have foster homes throughout the country with dogs available locally. Some are willing to transport individual dogs to homes in other states.

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc., United Yorkie Rescue and Yorkie Rescue of America are national rescue groups with dogs available throughout the country. Save A Yorkie Rescue is a regional rescue group with yorkies available for adoption on the East Coast.

In lieu of a Yorkie rescue group, Yorkies in need of homes are listed on pet adoption websites, such as Petfinder. Also check local shelters for adoptable Yorkies.

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