How Can You Find Local Wyandotte Chicken Breeders?


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Specialty magazines such as Backyard Poultry and Mother Earth News offer breeder directories on their websites and within their physical magazines, and The Livestock Conservancy has a searchable database of chicken breeders available online. Other helpful resources might include local farm stores, poultry shows and county fairs.

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Wyandotte chickens are a popular breed that can be found all over the United States, though they might not be available in every state. Some breeders ship both eggs and chicks through the mail if the buyer is too far away for pickup. Fertile hatching eggs are also available on sites such as eBay.com. Fertile hatching eggs from any source are commonly only about three to four days old and require an incubator to keep them warm and stable until they hatch.

Wyandottes are an American breed that first appeared in the 1870s. They are known for their hardiness, prolific egg laying, toleration of colder climates, gentleness and ease of care. They are kept primarily for the production of brown eggs and meat and are popular for poultry shows as well. Wyandotte chickens are available in many different color varieties, such as golden laced, Columbian, buff, and silver penciled. Only some of these variations are officially recognized by major poultry associations.

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