How Can You Find a Local Horse Manure Removal Service?

Horse manure removal services can be found online or through local directories by searching manure removal and the ZIP code of the area. Some companies such as Can-Do Disposal offer manure removal services for home or commercial stables. Other companies like Waste Management provides a separate disposal cart for manure and will pick up and recycle the manure.

In order to find local horse manure removal services:

  1. Find local businesses online or from local directories that offer the desired services in the specific area
  2. Using “manure removal services” as search words, browse the listings based on the desired area code. Make certain the business offers the desired services as some are complete services while others only pick up manure.

  3. Choose a reputable business that fits criteria
  4. Before selecting a service, ask questions such as the exact services provided, how often and the cost. Make sure the manure removal service is insured, licensed and recycles or disposes waste in a environmentally responsible manner.

  5. Consider waste removal options
  6. Some weekly trash removal services offer manure removal services to its customers at no charge. Waste Management, which services residential customers nationwide, often provides customers recycling services, including horse manure pick up. Small amounts can be added to green waste carts.