How Can a Litter Be Eligible for Online Registration With the American Kennel Club?


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Any litter resulting from an AKC-registered male and female of the same breed that is whelped in the United States is eligible to be registered with the American Kennel Club. A litter can be registered online through the AKC website with the parents' registration numbers and certificate issue date.

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Once a litter is registered, the AKC mails the breeder a litter kit, consisting of individual registration papers for each puppy and a form for record-keeping purposes. It is the responsibility of the breeder to examine the papers for errors.

The AKC mandates that all affiliated breeders keep accurate records of all transactions involving each dog, removing all doubt of a dog's parentage. A breeder who keeps multiple litters on the property is recommended but not required to isolate female dogs in season, enable permanent identification through microchips or tattoos, and segregate litters whelped at the same time.

The owner of an AKC-registered dog is responsible for keeping a record of the dog's registered name, breed, parentage, physical characteristics and date of birth. The owner must have the breeder's name and contact information. Both the owner and breeder are responsible for maintaining accurate records of each AKC-registered dog and litter. Failure to comply may result in the AKC levying penalties, including the suspension of AKC privileges and endorsement.

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