Where Can You Listen to Kittens Meowing?


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Audio clips of kittens and cats meowing can be heard at Kessels.com and Cat-Lovers-Only.com. Kessels.com also features angry cat sounds. Site visitors can also access cat names and quotes about cats. Additionally, the website has audio clips of the sounds lions make.

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Cat-Lovers-Only.com features videos of kittens and cats with sounds that include cats “speaking," yowling and purring in a “sing-a-long." This website provides information about research into cat sounds and what they mean as well as links to information about cat health and behavior.

Kittens are much more likely to meow than adult cats. They are born blind and deaf and make meow calls to alert their mother and get her attention. Some cats are more talkative than others, possibly due to genetics. Meowing is also a learned behavior that a cat may use when hungry, groomed or wanting to cuddle and play.

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