How Can You Listen to Audio of Coyotes?


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Coyote sounds can be heard at Soundboard.com and Junglewalk.com. Soundboard.com features a variety of coyote calls that include coyote moonlight howls, the calls of a coyote pack, yips, barks and whines. Each audio clip is also available for purchase.

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How Can You Listen to Audio of Coyotes?
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Soundboard.com hosts general information about coyotes as well as a wide variety of other animal audio clips. The site was developed in 2007 as a desktop application from which users could download audio clips and make their own customized soundboards.

Junglewalk.com features 17 different coyote vocalizations that include barks, yips and huffing. The site also features mugs, T-shirts, magnets, tote bags and video clips related to coyotes. A user can also access stock footage, photos and information about coyotes by clicking on the site’s links.

Coyotes usually howl in the early evening or late at night. Howling is a basic communication behavior that a coyote uses to call the pack together or to ward off other packs by announcing its presence. A single coyote can make a wide variety of calls that can often be mistaken for a larger pack. Just two coyotes howling may sound like seven or eight animals, as the sound moves through the surrounding environment and gets distorted.

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