Where Can a List of Reputable Dealers of American Bully Puppies Be Found?


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A list of reputable dealers of American Bully puppies, or pit bull puppies, is available at VitaminsforPitbulls.com. Responsible pit bull breeders follow ethical practices and often hand-pick their clientele. Breeders may require a potential owner to submit an application in which he answers questions about his home environment and lifestyle.

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Some breeders stipulate that owners and puppies must undergo behavioral training with a trainer who has experience working specifically with pit bulls.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing a pit bull should avoid breeders who stress head size as a selling point, notes the American Pit Bull Terrier Association. Potential owners should contact the American Kennel Club if they have questions about a specific breeder to check if anyone has filed a complaint against the breeder.

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