Where Can You Find a List of Popular Horse Names?


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Lists of popular horse names are available at the YouPet, EquineSpot and Five Star Ranch websites. The latter of these sources groups horse names into categories, warning that some popular names might describe an undesirable temperament, such as Bucky, Frisky, Cyclone and Bronco.

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Where Can You Find a List of Popular Horse Names?
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The Five Star Ranch website also lists names that would be suitable for, or evocative of, desirable equine personalities. These include Misty, Gypsy, Captain, Brandy and Bueno.

When choosing a name for a horse, there are certain criteria that ought to be taken into consideration. Since the name is likely to be called often, it should be both pleasing and easy to say. It should also be a good match for the horse, either by describing aspects of its personality or its appearance. Some descriptive and color-oriented names include Ebony, Cinnamon, Rusty, Champagne and Freckles.

Some horse owners choose to draw inspiration from mythological or pop cultural horses, such as Pegasus from Greek mythology, Shadowfax from "The Lord of the Rings" or Silver from "The Lone Ranger." Historical horse names also have an enduring appeal, with examples including Citation, the 1948 Triple Crown winner, General Lee's horse, Traveller, and Comanche, the horse that survived the battle of Little Bighorn and lived until it was 29 years old.

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