Where Can You Find a List of Cool Names for Dogs?


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An alphabetical list of dog names is available at the Dog Breed Info Center website, while Rover.com offers a breakdown of dog-naming trends for 2014. Alternately, the website My Dog's Name provides a helpful search feature through which users can search for dog names by gender, style and theme.

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On the Dog Breed Info Center website, new pet parents can browse a comprehensive list of popular dog names to find the perfect name for their pup. The list includes human names (such as Bella, Charlie and Jasmine) and some more creative names (such as Avocado, Nutmeg and Xanadu).

Rover.com reviews the most popular dog names of 2014 with a helpful infographic. Of the top ten female and top ten male dog names, 18 are human names. The website separates other popular names into the top names in each category, including food and drinks (such as Ginger, Mocha and Guinness), animals and nature (such as Moose, Daisy and Shadow) and pop culture and Disney (such as Elsa, Yoda and Nala).

For those who would like to narrow down their name options even further, the search feature at My Dog's Name is very useful. Users can select the dog's gender and choose one or more name styles or themes. Styles include tough, funny, cute and classic, and themes include movies, geeky, Biblical and food.

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