Where Can You Find Layer Hens for Sale?


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As of 2015, websites such as StrombergsChickens.com and eFowl.com sell laying hens online. Stromberg’s Chickens offers a wide variety of breeds that include black and red sexlink chicks, white leghorn chicks, California white and grey chicks and Rhode Island whites.

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Where Can You Find Layer Hens for Sale?
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At StrombergsChickens.com, each chick listing includes information about the breed, egg color, production and price. The shipping cost is included with all chick orders. The website also offers juvenile chickens that are 17 weeks old as a starter group, and site visitors can access a vast array of poultry equipment, books, videos and health supplies. It also provides a chick care guide.

A Minnesota-based supplier of chickens, game birds and poultry products, eFowl.com hosts an array of laying hens that it lists by egg color, ranging from white and brown to green/blue and dark brown. The barred Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island red breeds are eFowl's most popular brown egg layers.

Other breeds include production red chickens, Easter egg chickens, New Hampshire reds, gold sex link and golden comet chickens.

As of 2015, eFowl features small order specials that include groups of three, five or 10 chicks at discounted prices. Additionally, the site offers a wide assortment of chicken supplies, nesting boxes, poultry feed and chicken coops.

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