How Can You Find a Labradoodle Rescue in Virginia?

To find a labradoodle rescue in or near Virginia, potential adopters can use the search features offered by and Alternately, provides a list of organizations that rehome doodles, and the Poo-Mix Rescue website offers a list of adoptable doodles and their rescue groups by state.

Both and allow users to search for adoptable dogs by location, breed, age, gender and size. Because the labradoodle is not officially recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club, does not list Labradoodle as a breed option in its search, but users can search Standard Poodle or Labrador Retriever to find adoptable mixes of these breeds, including labradoodles and other doodles. includes both Labradoodle and Goldendoodle in its breed list. From the results page, clicking on a dog's picture takes users to that dog's profile, where they can access the rescue organization's information and website, if available. features multiple all-breed rescues on its Dogs Needing Homes page, showing that many of the rescues that rehome labradoodles are not breed-specific. However, also lists several doodle-specific rescues, such as Poo-Mix Rescue and the New Jersey-based Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. The website also includes some information about rescuing retired or returned breeding dogs, which are typically rehomed through individual breeding kennels. To look into adopting a retired breeding labradoodle, it is helpful to contact local, reputable breeders to find out if they have any adult dogs available for adoption.