Where Can Kids Get Facts About Wolves for a Science Project?


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There are many different places that kids can go in order to find facts about wolves for a science project including the library, a wolf rescue center or a reputable online site such as the National Geographic. The library is an easy resource for students because there are many public libraries throughout the United States.

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Where Can Kids Get Facts About Wolves for a Science Project?
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The library is also a free resource that kids can access without parental or teacher assistance, though younger children may require guidance. The library will have books and potentially magazines or newspaper articles that contain facts about wolves.

Another excellent resource for students is speaking with a wolf rescue group such as the W.O.L.F. sanctuary in Colorado. These organizations care for wolves and wolf hybrids that are abandoned. They also provide information to the public. Many of these organizations are run by volunteers, and the people are passionate about taking care of the wolves.

The National Geographic site is dedicated to providing factual information about the animals of the world including the wolf, also known as "canis lupus." Some of the wolf facts on the National Geographic website state that wolves live approximately 6 to 8 years in the wild and that wolves are carnivorous, meaning that they eat meat. Other great facts include the fact that wolves live in hierarchal groups and that wolves are listed as an endangered species.

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