How Can You Get Kids Interested About Leopards?

How Can You Get Kids Interested About Leopards?

Providing some fun facts about leopards, as well as listening to the sounds they make, may help to get kids interested. Websites such as feature interesting information and facts about leopards. For example, leopards are opportunistic hunters and sneak up on their prey before pouncing from grasses or bushes.

They eat almost anything, including insects, birds and rabbits, but they prefer larger prey such as monkeys and deer.

Another interesting fact is that leopards may run as fast as 36 miles per hour in pursuit of their prey. They often drag a kill that is several times their size into a tree to protect it from other predators. also hosts a video of a leopard hunting and baby Amur leopards. This site provides links to photos, books and toys.

At, kids can access videos of leopards, as well as information on habitat, size, reproduction, communication and diet. The videos are educational and entertaining. also has a monthly newsletter that kids can sign up for to receive additional information, photos and videos on these and other big cats.

At, kids can access a variety of leopard sounds that bring the animals to life. They can listen to a snow leopard, African leopard and a leopard growl scream and roar.