How Can Kids Have Fun With Their Dog?


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Kids can have fun with their dogs by training them, exercising with them and playing with them. Children can set up agility hurdles with household items, such as a broom, and teach their dog to jump over the broom by holding a treat on the other side. Kids can train their dog to play hide and seek by hiding a toy in an easily found place, and work up to playing with a group of their friends.

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Children can accompany their dogs to a dog park or dog beach, where they can play fetch and Frisbee or enjoy watching their dog swim or play with other dogs. Dogs can accompany the family on hikes and other outdoor adventures. Children can also race the dog around the yard or teach the dog simple commands, using treats as an incentive. Kids can also find a recipe online, make dog-friendly ice cream and serve it to their pet as a treat on a hot day.

Children should be supervised when interacting with a dog, and kids should be taught to respect animals from an early age. Children should be instructed on general safety rules when playing with a dog or any other animal.

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