How Can You Keep Quails?


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Quails should be housed somewhere warm, dry and windproof, such as a rabbit hutch and run. They like having low-level perches to sit on. Their hutch should be roofed with something soft to prevent them from injuring themselves.

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Adult quails should be fed pellets or mash. If they are being reared for consumption, finishers' pellets and corn mixed together create a healthy and tasty bird. Baby quails can eat game bird starter mix. Many birds also appreciate small chunks of leftover vegetables and fruits as well as millet and mealworms. Quail owners must provide fresh water in small, shallow dishes. If the dish is deeper, marbles and stones placed at the bottom prevent the bird from drowning.

Quails are susceptible to the cold and may need additional heat sources during the winter. Some quail owners prefer to move the birds inside if the weather is too harsh. Quails can even be kept permanently indoors in a small room for protection against both the elements and predators, such as cats and foxes.

Keeping the housing conditions clean and comfortable is crucial. Quails prefer to nest on the ground behind vegetation, so the pen should contain small cut branches. A mixture of wood chippings and soil on the ground encourages them to forage and dust bathe.

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