How Can You Keep Dogs Off of Furniture?


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To keep dogs off the furniture, teach them the "off" command. Dog treats, time and patience are needed for this process. The amount of time it takes to train a dog to stay off the furniture varies depending on the dog.

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  1. Place treats around the house

    Strategically place treats throughout your home near the furniture in question, but high enough so your dog cannot get to them.

  2. Wait for your dog to get on the furniture

    Observe and wait for your dog to get on a piece of furniture.

  3. Give the command

    At the first sight of your dog on the furniture, give the "off" command. If the dog does not immediately respond, give the command again. This time, lure the dog off the furniture by calling its name and allowing it to see the treat.

  4. Reward the dog with a treat

    Once all four of your dog's paws are on the floor, reward it with the treat and praise.

  5. Repeat the process

    Repeat the process each time your dog gets on a piece of furniture. If your dog starts getting on the furniture just to get the treat when it gets down, give the dog another command, like "sit." Only give it the treat once it gets down and sits.

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