Where Can You Find Instructional Videos About Animal Castration?


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The Michigan Animal Adoption Network website offers instructional videos on canine castration, while TheHorse.com offers an informative video on horse gelding. Both of these videos demonstrate surgical castration in contrast to castration with pharmaceuticals, a relatively new treatment for sterilizing animals.

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The video available at the Michigan Animal Adoption Network shows footage of a complete surgical procedure performed on a dog at the Ark Pet Hospital. The focus is on the procedure, demonstrating surgical tools, dog anatomy, and the use of medical monitoring equipment. The video discusses drawbacks and benefits of different suturing methods during surgery.

The video at TheHorse.com contains footage of a surgical castration performed on a horse, as well as basic information on the process of castration, anatomical and behavioral gender differences in horses, and footage of castrated horses in comparison to intact stallions. The video depicts castration surgery performed in a field on a sedated horse. The surgery involves the use of minimal medical equipment other than blades and anesthesia. The video from TheHorse.com is not as graphic or detailed as the video offered on the Michigan Animal Adoption Network website, but it does provide a higher level of information on the consequences of castration to the animal.

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