Where Can You Find Free Insect Photos for Science Projects?

Insect photos that can be used in science projects are available at InsectImages.org, NaturePhoto-CZ.com and LiveScience.com. As of 2015, InsectImages.org hosts 239,712 images of insects and features 2,362 contributing photographers.

Images cover a vast array of insects in categories that include earwigs, flies, walking sticks, ants, bees and wasps. Each category links to a list of specific species with a comprehensive photo bank of images for each. There is also information about where each photo was taken. Photos include the scientific name for each insect, food sources, related plants and prey.

At NaturePhoto-CZ.com, site visitors can access a comprehensive photo bank of insects listed in alphabetical order. This site also provides a quick insect list with categories that are available in different languages such as Chinese and Danish. Each category links to a large selection of additional insect species with a photo gallery for each.

LiveScience.com hosts a general insect photo gallery, a gallery of the cutest bugs and a spider and killer bee gallery. This website features insect galleries centered around a specific topic such as a bug’s eye view, tiny insect pollinators, dew-covered insects and an insect family tree. Each gallery is presented in slide show format with snippet of info for each slide.