Where Can You Find Information on Monkeys for Sale?


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Information about monkeys for sale is found on sites such as Exotic Animals for Sale, PrimateStore.com, The Monkey Whisperer and Poggi's Animal House as of 2015. Most of the types of monkeys offered for sale on these sites include different varieties of tamarins and marmosets.

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Where Can You Find Information on Monkeys for Sale?
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Purchasing a monkey as a pet involves several special considerations regarding the buyer's ability to care for the pet along with the reputation of the seller. A buyer should never purchase a pet monkey from a seller that is not licensed and authorized by the appropriate authorities to do so, in order to ensure the most ethical treatment of the animals. Buying a monkey from a private seller means there is no guarantee that the animal was obtained legally or that other animals were not harmed or killed in the process.

Once a buyer locates a reputable seller, she needs to consider her ability to properly care for the monkey. Regardless of the type of monkey she purchases, the animal needs the appropriate amount of space to roam freely and get the right amount of exercise. Monkeys living in small spaces can gain weight and become ill or grow irritable and become a safety hazard to the owner.

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