Where Can You Find Information About Local No-Kill Animal Shelters?

can-information-local-kill-animal-shelters Credit: Camille Tokerud/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Some good examples of websites that offer information about no-kill shelters are NoKillNetwork.org and FluffyNet.com. These resources provide extensive directories of currently known no-kill shelters and links to their websites, if they have one.

According to data available in 2014, the movement to create no-kill shelters has resulted in a greatly reduced number of animals that are euthanized from around 20 million a year down to about 3 million. Some of these shelters may still euthanize a small percentage of their animals and yet remain designated as no-kill, but in most cases these animals are put down due to health or temperament issues that would make them prohibitively difficult to place in an adoptive home.