Where Can You Find Information About Horses for Kids?


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To find information about horses for kids, a parent or teacher should take the child to the library, to a horse farm or look up information on the Internet through reputable sources such as National Geographic or the National Agricultural Library's Animal Welfare Center. All of these places offer a wealth of information for curious young minds that can be utilized independently by the child or in conjunction with an adult.

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It is always wise to help children learn more about things that they are interested in, and if a child is interested in horses, then visiting a horse farm may be a great learning experience. On a horse farm, the child can meet a horse up close.

The library is also an excellent choice because libraries are free and exist within most towns and cities. The librarian can help the child and the child's parents or teacher find the best age-appropriate information on horses. In fact, librarians are usually educated in library and information science at the graduate level, where they learn how to "encourage young students to develop a lifelong love of reading and learning," reports the University of Washington Information School.

The Internet is helpful due to the sheer volume of sites that are available with information about horses. However, children will need to be supervised while online to ensure that they find only educational, reputable sites.

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